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Winter Weight Loss Pack – Special Bonus

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Capsules and Freeze Dried Powder
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Winter Weight Loss Pack – Special Bonus Includes:

  • 1 Bottle Simple Slim 90 capsules $70 value
  • 1 Bottle Simple Detox 30 capsules $35 value
  • 1 Bottle Energy Booster 30 capsules $35 value
  • 1 Bottle Simple Fat Burner 30 capsules $50 value
  • 1 Resealable Bag Simple Green Smoothie 7oz $60 value
  • BONUS: FREE 3 Days GX-Life Super Berry Slim Shake’s


Total Value $259 for the New Year Resolution price of just $125 + FREE Shipping


Simple Slim

Dr. J’s Natural Simple Slim is a proprietary Weight-loss Formula combining a traditional and safe use of botanical and all natural compounds with the latest in scientific research and clinical studies to formulate and manufacture these revolutionary products to help you lose weight *


Simple Detox

Dr. J’s Simple Detox is a natural, organic herbal supplement designed by doctors to safely help you reduce toxins from your body as part of your detox diet plan*. Because we consume toxins daily, doctors recommend detoxifying/cleansing your system every on a regular basis. Simple Detox is an all-natural way to safely reduce toxins from your body and have you feeling like a new person*


Energy Booster

ENERGY BOOSTER proprietary formula consists five amazing ingredients such as Siberian Ginseng, Panax Ginseng, American Ginseng, Yohimbe Bark, and Green Coffee Bean. Energy Booster will give hours of energy throughout the day with no crash, jittery, and heart palpitations side effects*.


Simple Fat Burner

Dr. J’s Simple Fat Burner is a scientific proven formula with a specialized blend of ingredients such as Moringa olifera, green coffee bean extract and along with Banaba leaf extract and vitamin D synergistically proven to stimulate and burn the stubborn belly fat and over fat in your body.*


Simple Green Smoothie

Simple Green Smoothie can be described as the combined vitality of each cell in the body. Simple Green Smoothie provides trace nutrients that should help each cell in your body to function at maximum efficiency*.


Super Berry Protein Shake

Super Berry Protein Shake contains 12 grams of Protein, Super Fruits, Greens and Fiber. Just 130 Calories per packet*.