Simple Fat Burner


DrJsNatural Simple Fat Burner is a scientific proven formula with a specialized blend of ingredients such as Moringa olifera, green coffee bean extract and along with Banaba leaf extract and vitamin D synergistically proven to stimulate and burn the stubborn belly fat and over fat in your body.

  • Regulates Sugar Level*
  • Promote Weight Loss*
  • Decrease stubborn belly fat *
  • Sustained Release Formula*
Contains 60 Capsules
*Results / benefits may vary person to person, no guarantee of results
**Results / benefits noted in Customer Reviews may vary person to person, no guarantee of results


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Simple Fat Burner supplement offer a combination of ingredients that assist in losing weight and losing the stubborn belly fat and over fat in your body. A better supplement created should be one that provides additional benefits like increased energy, as well as a fat oxidation blend to promote a higher rate of fat burning. Simple Fat Burner offers clean energy from four scientific ingredients such as green coffee extract, moringa oleifera leaf extract as well as other ingredients, like banaba leaf extract and vitamin D to boost fat oxidation, help curb cravings, and support focus.....



Dr. J's Natural Fat Burner supplements facts


Take 2 tablets in the morning after breakfast or after lunch.   Measure the overall cholesterol with blood test before taking Simple Fat Burner and after taking 3 months Simple Fat Burner then take another blood test then you will see the scientific RESULT of at least 25% cholesterol lowering and fat burning effect in your blood work panel. You can purchase the HOME CHOLESTEROL TESTING KIT at any pharmacy to check the result.

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