Fruit Enzyme Foaming Cleanser


Renew your skin with GX-Life Fruit Enzyme Foaming Cleanser by GX Life. The Cleanser penetrates facial pores with a gentle foaming agent to flush out dirt, makeup, and other irritation-causing debris. It will leave you feeling new and improved thanks to the power of enzymes and other ingredients.*


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Aloe Vera, in addition to being commonly used to soothe irritated and damaged skin, stimulates fibroblast growth, strengthening the skin’s outer layers.

Bromelain is found in pineapples and serves as a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling agent.

Cucumber Extract is considered useful to decrease puffiness around the eyes, soothe the skin, and potentially suppress the process that leads to skin discolorations.

Papain, an enzyme extracted from papayas, is an effective exfoliating ingredient that removes dead skin cells, thus improving skin texture.

Sodium Hyaluronate is a form of Hyaluronic Acid, which is an extremely versatile substance naturally present in the human body. Hyaluronic Acid is capable of eliminating active oxygen-free radicals protected by UV rays, which helps protect the skin against damage. These effects help to keep skin plump and supple, for a more youthful look. Additionally, it even promotes the regeneration of injured skin.

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