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Discover our GX-Life Radiance Multi-Action 5-Piece Kit, the best-selling formula designed to minimize signs of aging and recover your skin’s natural and youthful glow. This simple and targeted skin care routine is an all-in-one plan to revive the look of your skin and recharge it’s radiance.


This Collection Includes:
1 Moisture-Boosting Night Repair Cream
1 Line-Diffusing Diamond Eye Cream
1 Regenerative Multi-Action Concentrate
1 Skin-Brightening Diamond Illuminator
1 Fruit Enzyme Foaming Cleanser


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Start with our Fruit Enzyme Cleanser with peptides & ceramides that will effectively cleanse the skin and remove your impurities leaving your skin radiant and renewed.

Next, dry your face well with a clean towel and apply our Line-Diffusing Diamond Eye Cream around your eyes and tap into the cellular level for deep absorption. Our Maracuja oil from Passionflower helps firm skim, smooth wrinkles, fade dark circles and provides rich hydration to fight dryness and enhance moisture around the eyes!

Then, generously apply the Skin- Brightening Diamond Illuminator on each area on the face. Infused with Kakadu Plum that fights dark spots and discolorations from skin hyperpigmentation. 

Start your day with our Regenerative Multi-Action Concentrate – Our Hyaluronic Acid and Diamond Powder provides a youthful glow and hydrates the skin for a sparkle complexion to last the whole day!

Complete your routine as you sleep with our Moisture-Boosting Night Repair Cream, infused with bio-active algae, skin will feel calm and comforted while boosting moisture to wake up to rejuvenated skin.