Q. Is it safe to take more than one Simple Slim pill a day?

A. YES, If one Simple Slim pill does NOT control your cravings for an entire day then a second pill may be taken in the early afternoon (before 4pm). See bottle for recommended dosage*.

Q. What should I expect Energy Booster to do for me?

A. The diet pill should help to boost your level of energy, help stabilize blood sugar levels which will help eliminate mood swings, assist with the control of your appetite and stop food cravings, as well as stimulate Natural Metabolic Rate for increased and sustained fat burning. The pill is the ultimate weight control tool to assist you in living a healthy lifestyle.*

Q. Is it safe to do 7 days Detox before taking the Simple Slim?

A. It is recommended by our Doctors that you should detox first so that you can start with a clean system and lose all the unwanted waste that have been sitting inside your digestive system for years.*

Q. What is the difference between Simple Slim diet pill and the Pharmaceutical grade Rx?

A. Let us first say that you are doing the right thing for picking the safe and natural diet pill. Losing weight and adopting a more wellness oriented life will be a huge benefit to your body and spirit. However, the use of diet pills should always be accompanied by exercise and healthy eating. In short our diet pills do work and you will experience the amazing result right away with no side effects.*

Q. How fast should I lose weight?

A. It varies with each person and there are many factors involved in your journey to lose weight. In general, men can safely lose around two pounds a week, and women can safely lose around one pound in several days*. Any more than this and you might be losing more muscle mass than fat. Thus, with a combination of calorie restriction and aerobic exercise, you can safely lose 5-10 pounds a month for women and men.*

Q. Will I feel nervous and jittery?

A. Unlike earlier diet pills, Simple Slim diet pill has been formulated to work without causing nervousness or jittery feelings*. Reducing and perhaps even cutting out alcohol and coffee have shown remarkable improvement in the levels of anxiety for some people. Dehydration may also add to anxiety and nervousness, so it is advisable to ensure a good fluid intake. Hot drinks may have a calming effect, but try avoiding excess caffeine. Herbal teas may be helpful, especially before bed.

Q. What can I do to prevent headaches while dieting for weight loss?

A. Headaches can be common for some individuals while dieting and are usually due to “fluid and mineral shifts,” mostly due to low sodium/salt levels. This can occur especially when carbohydrate intake is particularly low; for example, below 50g per day. To help prevent this, we encourage you to add extra tablet salt to your daily diet or drink a cup of prepared bullion twice a day. Table salt has the added benefit of containing potassium. Potassium supplementation can also be beneficial. If you are being treated for a chronic disease or high blood pressure, or are taking potassium-sparing diuretics you should not take extra potassium supplements without first consulting your physician or health care professional. Inadequate fluid intake can cause a mild dehydration and resultant headache. Be sure you are well-hydrated by drinking 80-100 oz of water a day. You may experience headache if you wait too long between meals and snacks. Be sure to eat meals approximately 4-5 hours apart, with a protein-based snack between meals, approximately every two hours. Headaches are also common result of “caffeine withdrawal”. You may experience headaches if you are cutting back on your caffeine intake. If you choose to cut back, do it very gradually- don’t go “ cold turkey” Headaches may also be caused by stress.

Q. Why do I feel tired with the product?

A. Fatigue is often a sign that the adrenals are exhausted. Give it a few days and it will kick in.

Q. Will I have any issues with Drug Testing?

A. There may be some sport sanctioning authorities like the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) that do not allow 1, 3 dimethylpentylamine, as they believe it is a performance enhancer. Anyone who competes under an authority will understand how to research the compound and not violate the regulation. If you are an athletic, or plan on competing in some form of athletic competition that is governed by these or other regulatory bodies, please check with that authority to understand the specific substances they do not allow. Additionally, if your employer performs tests, please make sure you understand their rules.

*Results / benefits may vary person to person, no guarantee of results