CBD Skincare

CBD: THE NEW SKINCARE TREND Over the past year, CBD has become one of the hottest—yet perhaps most misunderstood—trends in beauty, nutrition, and wellness. Heck, even Celebs are hosting CBD events! But what is CBD exactly, and why is it […]

Post Workout Myths

Working out in today's world of instant instruction and knowledge, you’re probably spending the time listening to post workout myths and tweaking your routine with all the youtube video’s, fitness training blogs and expert tips in magazines. That's great when […]

Can Vitamin C help prevent a cold

Many people believe vitamin C can cure the flu and echinacea can prevent colds. But where is the scientific evidence to support these claims? Can vitamin C stop a cold? In 2013, a review of studies into vitamin C and […]

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Nutri-What? – Inside and out of Nutricosmetics

KEY NUTRICOSMETICS INGREDIENTS Like the myriad of interconnected processes taking place inside your body, the nutrients that you consume work together to support optimal beauty. Of course, not all nutrients are created equal. The most popular nutricosmetics ingredients function both […]