3 Simple Detoxing Drinks to help Clean Your Liver and Reduce Belly Fat

The liver is most the main detox organ. Without a proper-functioning liver, the body will be unable to cleanse itself and absorb nutrients efficiently. This will result in the accumulation of excess body fat. But, there is plenty you can do to help. Here are 3 really simple liver-detoxing drinks from Dr. J that really go a long way to flush toxins from your liver and help eliminates belly fat as part of a new healthy lifestyle!

1. A Very Colorful Detox Drink

This colorful detox drink looks healthy from the get go, containing a great amount of vitamin C, vitamin A, and minerals, it's vital for a healthy radiant skin. And with the addition of apple and lemon you add powerful fat and toxin-flushing antioxidants.

Carrot Smoothie detoxing drinks

2. Spiced up Liver Flushing

This Detox not only flushes toxins from your liver, but it also helps to reduce the likleyhood of gallstones and cleans your bowels. Its also great at settling your stomach after a big meal. Turmeric is a very efficient liver-detoxifying agent and is is thought to help with hangovers in some countries.

Turmeric detoxing drinks

3. The Green and Lean Detox

Simple and fast to prepare when your're heding to the gym or need a fast lunch on the go. Stir Simple Green Smoothie together with freshly squeezed lemon juice to rapidly detoxify your body.

Extra tip from Dr.J to help keep your Liver in top condition, remember to take a Simple Detox day every week together with these great detox drinks and enjoy new found energy and vitality.

Simple Green Smoothie from Dr.J Detoxing Drinks collection
Adrian Yates

Adrian Yates

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