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DrJ Medical Mission to Mexico

Medical Mission to Mexico

I was free. It was a one-day trip. And, a medical mission felt like the right thing to do. So I went as a clinical pharmacist with my church group and a friend. I always knew that I wanted to help others; it was why I went into the health profession to start with. In Mexico, people are underprivileged and have limited access to healthcare or health professionals. They are also extremely deserving and kind. We managed to help about 50-100 people that day despite the limited resources and time constraints. That was a couple of years ago. I have been back several times since.

It is no longer a once-in-a-while trip for me. The first trip had so much impact on me that I promised myself to make the time and do all four to six trips per year that are usually scheduled. With a minimal inventory of drugs, we are hard put to treat a wide variety of diseases, including chronic conditions. What is amazing, though, is how a simple prayer seems to make it all worthwhile. Nothing is quite as life-altering as stepping into an opportunity to improve the outlook of the physical, health and spiritual well-being of someone. I feel the power of God is with me as I say a prayer for each of the patients as they come into the pharmacy to receive their medications. I know that the medications that I give them are not enough because they lack so many other things. Not knowing what else to give or do for them, I would often give them extra multivitamins and send them away with a smile and some kind words in my limited Spanish.

Most doctors and volunteers that come to the medical mission require volunteers from the local church who act as translators. Medical expertise isn’t always enough, though. Such was the case of one patient whom I had the pleasure of meeting. She was treated by Dr. Joseph Imarah. The patient looked distraught and sad, so Dr. Imarah suggested to the.......

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