Reasons You Should Start Drinking Lemon Water

We all know that we need to drink the correct amount of fluid in order to stay hydrated due to the various health benefits associated with it, but fewer people are aware of the general health benefits associated with individual types of fluids. It is fair to say that what you drink can have a profound effect on your health and in order to show how this can be the case we will look at the benefits of lemon water and why drinking it on a daily basis can be helpful for your health.

1. Lemon water is going to reduce inflammation

If your body aches, then it is because of inflammation and drinking lemon water on a daily basis is going to help you out with this. The reason for this is because it is known to reduce the acidity levels in your body and it is those levels that can start the process that leads to inflammation. Furthermore, it is known to be capable of removing levels of uric acid in your joints and this is recognized as being a major contributing factor to inflammation in those joints.

2. Lemon water is going to help your digestion

A huge percentage of the population is going to have problems with their digestion and one of the best ways of tackling this is by drinking lemon water. The first thing it is going to do is help deal with toxins in your digestive tract as they are causing a major problem. In addition, lemon water has been shown to counteract the problem of heartburn as well as bloating due to it helping with the removal of those toxins.

3. Lemon water is going to help you to lose weight

Now, we are not saying that to lose weight you just have to drink lemon water as that is not the case. However, it does contain something called pectin fiber and this is important for those that wish to shed a few pounds. Pectin fiber is known to help suppress those food cravings that often cause a problem, so gone will be those days of looking for something sweet.

4. Lemon water is going to cleanse your system

We all walk around carrying toxins in our body for a whole host of reasons, but those toxins are not exactly good for our system. However, lemon water has been shown to be very good at stimulating our liver and, as a result, it leads to the stimulation of enzyme activity in our body that helps us to deal with those toxins. By bringing our liver back to life, and it working more effectively, it means that it can process those toxins and remove them from our body helping our health in the process.

5. Lemon water is there to help your immune system

This benefit should hardly come as a surprise, but drinking lemon water is going to have a positive impact on your immune system. The reason for this is simple, it is crammed full of Vitamin C and everybody knows that this is like rocket fuel for your immune system. This is going to come in extra useful if you are stressed as it is known that whenever you are stressed that your levels of this vitamin are going to drop, so drinking lemon water can counteract that.

6. Lemon water is going to help your skin

Aside from helping to keep you more hydrated, lemon water is known to help keep your skin blemish free. People have also been known to put it on scars and to help the healing process due to its ability to reduce their appearance. Furthermore, it is going to remove toxins from your blood and this also has a major impact on the health of your skin.

7. Lemon water is going to help your heart and brain health

We all need to take better care of both our heart and brain and make sure that they are in tip top condition and drinking lemon water is a brilliant and easy way of doing this. It is all thanks to the level of potassium contained in lemons as potassium is known to have a profound effect on the health of our vital organs. Unfortunately, too many of us are lacking in it which is crazy when you think that drinking some lemon water each day is going to counteract that problem.

8. Lemon water is going to help replenishes body salts

If you have just gone through a tough workout session, then your body is going to be short of all important salts and that can then lead to various health issues as well as increased inflammation and general pain. However, lemon water is going to help with that and, once again, it is all because of the potassium as well as the way in which it can balance out the pH level in your body. If those two things are helped, then your body can recover more easily as a result.

9. Lemon water is going to help fight against the common cold

If you look at various remedies available off the shelf that are connected to the common cold and the flu, you may notice that a huge percentage of them contain lemon in some way. This is all the proof you need to begin to understand how lemon water can help against the various ailments linked to the cold and the flu. It is thanks to that Vitamin C, but drinking it on a daily basis can act as a precautionary measure that can reduce the amount of times you pick up those ailments.

As you can see, there are various benefits of drinking lemon water and in all honesty it is something that you should look at building into your detox routine along with your usual daily Dr. J's Simple Detox simply because we can all benefit from it and not just those that wish to boost their immune system or recover from a workout. We all need to remove those toxins, look after our heart and brain, and think more carefully about how we look after our skin and to do it now simply because the sooner to take care of ourselves, then the less chance of storing up trouble for the future.


Bianca Perez

Social Media Editor - Dr. J's Natural