The Health Benefits of the Humble Beet

The humble beet is a nutrient-stuffed powerhouse, rich in antioxidants, electrolytes, and powerful dietary nitrates.

The nitrates are converted in your body to Nitric oxide (N-O), helping to increase the delivery of messages between the body’s cells leading to a boost in performance in several ways:

N-O quickly promotes energy and enhances the efficiency of the bodies us of oxygen contributing to improved physical performance and helps the body extend endurance and improve intensity levels during exercise. A study at Penn State University Noll Lab recently found that nitrites did not directly enhance blood flow in muscles during exercise, but instead they discovered that they did relax the vascular system of blood vessels when resting with a possible reduction in the work the heart had to perform.

N-O also strengthens the body's overall population of cellular mitochondria, our little power stations which produce the bodies natural energy, which means you have more energy to perform at your best.

Its not just about running faster of pulling heavier weights, the Nitric oxide from the beetroot can help with serious problems such as cardiovascular or heart disease.

One famous example was that of chemist Dr. Alfred Nobel, famed for his Nobel Prize. Nobel was prescribed nitroglycerin to help with his heart condition. This seemed a little strange to him as he associated the compound with explosions. What Nobel didn't know was the nitroglycerin was being converted to N-O just as it is in the Beetroot.

And so the humble Beetroot goes that extra mile to promote overall health by helping the body to increase circulation and support heart health. Not bad for a root vegetable don't you think.


Nancy Nguyen

Nancy Nguyen,
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