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Skin Care Products – Avoid the Itch

Its just Shampoo, Right?  Most of us on a regular basis remove oils, greases and daily grime from our skin care and hair care two or  three times per day through the use of soaps, shower gels, shampoo it's even […]

DrJsNatural Skin Lessons

Skin Signs – reflections of the inner you

SKIN SIGNS The state of your skin is a reflection of your inner health, and one look in the  mirror may be able to help you pinpoint common deficiencies. Here’s what your complexion could be telling you about your wellness. […]

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Living for Beauty

LIVING FOR BEAUTY One major perks of living for beauty from the inside out? Your overall health gets a boost as well. Certainly the lifestyle modifications that support beauty– a nutrient-dense diet, beauty sleep, working out, staying hydrated— keep your […]

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Nutri-What? – Inside and out of Nutricosmetics

KEY NUTRICOSMETICS INGREDIENTS Like the myriad of interconnected processes taking place inside your body, the nutrients that you consume work together to support optimal beauty. Of course, not all nutrients are created equal. The most popular nutricosmetics ingredients function both […]